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Published: 13th May 2011
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Losing weight can be difficult for women. Those few extra pounds can be hard on a woman's emotional state as well as her physical state. Whether you want a beginner, intermediate, or advanced workout you'll enjoy these free workout routines for women.

Free Workout Routine for Women to Burn Fat

Monday: Combines Cardio and Toning

o Do a 6 minute warm up on the treadmill

o Do a 15 minute jog on the treadmill or outside

o Do a 5 minute cool down

o Do 2 sets bicep curls

o Do 4 sets Dumbbell front raises (view image)

Tuesday: Your Tuesday free workout routines for women is just a brisk 15 min walk

Wednesday: Combines Cardio and Core

o Do a 6 minute warm up

o Do 4 sets Crunches

o Do 2 sets bent knee hip raises

o Do 15 minutes on treadmill or go for a 15 jog

o 5 minute cool down

Thursday: Your Thursday free workout routines for women is just a 30 minutes brisk walk

Friday: Combines cardio and Lower Body

o Do a 6 minute warm up on the treadmill

o Do 2 sets squats

o do 2 sets forward lunges

o Do a 15 minute jogging on treadmill or outside

o Do a 5 minute cool down

Saturday: Your Saturday free workout routines for women is a 30 minutes brisk walk outside or using a treadmill

Sunday: Off

This is just one free workout routine for women. There are all kinds of them available online so you should have no problem finding one that fits your needs. There are different reasons for doing a workout including:

> Getting fit

> Losing weight

> Toning up

> Reducing stress

Any type of workout is great - a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and for most part leads to weight gain. As we get a little older those extra pounds are more difficult to lose. Just a simple workout can keep you healthier, younger, and looking your best.

For example, did you know that a 30 minute brisk walk every day can help you shed belly pounds quickly and it can significantly improve your cardio. There's no memberships, no costs, and all you need is a pair of good runners and the motivation to get off the couch and enjoy the outdoors. Walk around the block, around a park, enjoy some trails, or invest in a treadmill - just walk - it's all that really matters.

Just as walking is an excellent form of exercise so is jogging. While you may not consider it a workout, it's really healthy for you. If you alternate jogging with a little bit of strength training you will enjoy the best of both worlds. Free workout routines for women are the best way to get in shape and lose those extra pounds.

Being fit and in shape is important to your overall health. It's a well-known fact that those who participate in cardio activities and stay in shape have less heart disease, less diabetes, less cancer, and are overall far healthier than those who do not. With free workout routines for women you have no reason not to get healthy!

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